Getting to Know Each Other

At Highrise, we provide quality, tax-advantaged commercial real estate investment opportunities to build passive income. We provide opportunities for both active/general partner and limited partners.

To purchase large commercial real estate assets, we pool our money in a variety of ways:

  • Limited Partner: Totally passive, capital-only partner purchasing a security with no management decision making, and no legal or debt liability.

Did you know that the SEC has guidelines to protect and educate you as a limited partner on how to work with reputable deal sponsors? It's up to us to start a relationship of trust in order to share upcoming opportunities.

  • General Partner/Joint Venture Partner/Manager: Active investors with responsibilities to contribute skills and labor as well as capital.

To be an active partner, we pool our funds in Joint Venture LLC's and need to make sure it's a good fit of personality and skills to work together.

We have things to share!

Get started by signing up for the notification list, then scheduling a call to get to know one another and start looking at deals!