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Emma enjoys guesting on real estate related podcasts with a talkative, easy to interview style. She has experience speaking about getting started networking and learning to analyze deals, scaling quickly, a positive mindset with a down-to-earth attitude, accepting with humor the imperfect balance of business success and personal life.

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Emma Powell is the owner/operator of Highrise Group along with her husband of 23 years, Troy Powell, acquiring 92 units in their first 18 months. They currently live in Salt Lake City UT after 20 years in Austin TX, and are parents of six homeschooled children ages 22 to 8. Recently, she has 66 more units under contract in a new development mid rise in a downtown Salt Lake opportunity zone.

They have extensive construction management experience, as well as partnering in a variety of deals as private lender, deal sponsor, co-owner, syndicator, property manager, and Emma is a former real estate photographer. Emma specializes in small business project management with a BS in Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing Design. Troy is the IT guy keeping the operations running smoothly with his background in early tech startups. As Key Credit Partners and owners on several properties, they have experience in creatively getting transactions to the finish line through relationships with lenders, attorneys, and contractors, while building both in-house and third-party property and asset management teams.