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current investing opportunities

12 Beach Vacation Rentals | Class A+ | New Development | 506(c) Club Partners w/ Build Vacations | OPEN | Purchased Jul 2022

One major goal of our investing club is to diversify our portfolio by partnering with top operators. In the case of The Orchards at Ocean Isle, we teamed up with Build Vacations to add both new construction and luxury inventory.

Open to accredited investors offering depreciation for 2023, this beach location is booming with vacation rental tenants looking for a quiet experience in a beautiful location.

Luxury leisure rentals are one of the best-performing assets during recessions, but building new gives the economy time to reboot during construction with the first homes coming online mid 2023.



We could tell you all about our credentials here while we try to look as impressive (and boring) as possible; but while our credibility matters, what you really care about is how we are going to help you invest confidently to build your dreams through passive income.

You are a busy professional and maybe even a family person who doesn't want a side-hustle sold-on-late-night-TV real estate business. We do this full time so you can focus on what you do full time, your career and your family. As a family-owned investing business, we partner with you to make smart decisions about your investing dollars and time.

The best and fastest way to build wealth, especially legacy wealth, isn't through our incomes, but through how we add value to the world by investing in it. Furthermore, we believe that commercial real estate is the investment vehicle providing the safest risk balanced with strong returns.

We help you build your passive income portfolio by identifying and managing cash-flowing multi-family investments in key markets around the United States.

We currently own or have exited, several hundred units in the best markets around the country including Austin TX (where we are from), Salt Lake City UT (where we live now), Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Ohio.

You can choose to be a passive partner and collect "mailbox money," or joint venture for a little more hands-on experience. We love teaching you to gain the practical skills you need to manage your investment however fits you best.

And now for the boring credentials part so you get to know who you'll be trusting with your precious financial assets!

Emma and Troy Powell are a husband-wife team of 26 years, and are owners/operator of Highrise Group. We are passionate about commercial real estate being the best investment available. We currently live in Salt Lake City UT after 20 years in Austin TX, and are parents of six homeschooled children ages 24 to 10. They have experience partnering in a variety of deals as a lender, deal sponsor, co-owner, syndicator, property manager, and Emma is a former real estate photographer.

Emma specializes in small business project management with a BS in Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing Design. Troy is the IT guy keeping the operations running smoothly with his background in early tech startups.

As Key Credit Partners with agency loan experience and owners on several properties, they have experience in getting transactions to the finish line through relationships with lenders, property managers, attorneys, and escrow teams.

Together, let's grow your real estate portfolio. Our background managing business startups and residential properties ensures high communication and an efficient business plan execution.


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