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Receive reliable passive income and tax advantages by partnering with us to invest in commercial multifamily real estate


Multifamily outperforms the stock market, is the most stable asset class during a recession, and combines lower risk with higher returns to diversify your investment portfolio.

However, the greatest advantage of multifamily real estate investing are the unique tax advantages to preserve both your investment and ordinary income. Make your money work harder so you can achieve you financial goals while focusing on your career and family.


You already have a successful career, and while you want to diversify your investing into real estate, you don't want to be a landlord or get a part-time side hustle. You're looking for full-time professional operators you can trust and partner with for passive real estate income.

You want the information you need, as much or little as you like, to make confident investing decisions while spending your own time on the things that matter most while we do the work.


As full-time landlords, multifamily operators, and renovation experts, we have the experience you're looking to partner with to invest in real estate with confidence.

Our background in entrepreneurial management by working and investing in startups led us to see we needed to diversify our stocks and private equity into real estate, where we can apply our business management skills to create legacy wealth for our family and yours.



  • #1 Asset for highest SHARPE Ratio over the last 20+ years

(Sharpe Ratio adjusts returns to account for risk, with multifamily real estate having the least risk of any investment type)
  • Lowest Default Rate in Recessions

High of 1.2% versus Single Family high of 2.1%
  • Lower Volatility

Stable growth and less impact from market downturns

Economies of Scale & Diversification

  • Lower Cost Per Unit by having more under one Roof

  • Less Vacancy Risk by spreading across more Units

  • Spread Total Investing Dollars across Multiple Projects

Tax Advantages

  • Cost Segregation Study for Accelerated Depreciation

More depreciation up front on assets that decline in value more quickly such as carpet, appliances, etc
  • Up to $25k Write off per $100k Invested

  • Favorable Long-Term Capital Gains

Easy to Invest

  • Variety of Funding Options

Self-Directed IRA & 401(k), HELOC, Lines of Credit, Cash, etc wired to the Property LLC
  • Experienced Sponsorship Team

  • Passive, No Landlord Responsibilities

Above-Average Returns and Cash Flow

  • Projected Returns Higher than Stock Market

  • Get Paid without Diluting Ownership

  • Limited Liability with Huge Upside


  • Passive Income with Little to No Direct Involvement

  • Frequent Reporting Including Financials and Highlights

  • Partner/Mentor Relationship to Gain Experience if Desired

Accredited Investor?

  • If you are accredited, you have many investment options open to you

506(c) syndicationMay be generally solicited to the public and contain ONLY accredited investors
  • If you're not accredited, don't worry!

506(b) syndicationCannot generally solicit and may contain both accredited investors AND up to 32 non-accredited investors who have a prior substantive relationship with the deal sponsor



We could tell you all about our credentials here while we try to look as impressive (and boring) as possible; but while our credibility matters, what you really care about is how we are going to help you build your dreams through passive income. The best and fastest way to build wealth, especially legacy wealth, isn't through your income, but through how you add value to the world by investing in it. Furthermore, we believe that multi-family real estate is the investment vehicle providing the safest risk balanced with strong returns. We also see that you are a busy professional and maybe even a family person who doesn't want a side-hustle sold-on-late-night-TV real estate business. We do this full time so you can focus on what you do best in your career and in your family. However, because we are a small family-owned business, we partner with you to make smart decisions about your investing dollars and time.

We help you build your passive income portfolio by identifying and managing cash-flowing multi-family investments in key markets around the United States. We currently own and manage 92 units in Pocatello ID, Salt Lake City UT, Louisville KY, and Little Rock AR. Creating opportunities for you to put your money to work for passive returns, or to be mentored managing actual deals, we love teaching you to gain the practical skills you need to manage your investment however fits you best.

And now for the boring credentials part so you get to know who you'll be trusting with your precious financial assets! Emma Powell is the owner/operator of Highrise Group and passionate about real estate being the best investment available. Along with her husband of 23 years, Troy Powell, they now live in Salt Lake City UT after 20 years in Austin TX, and are parents of six homeschooled children ages 22 to 8. They have experience partnering in a variety of deals as a lender, deal sponsor, co-owner, syndicator, property manager, and Emma is a former real estate photographer. Emma specializes in small business project management with a BS in Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing Design. Troy is the IT guy keeping the operations running smoothly with his background in early tech startups. As Key Credit Partners and owners on several properties, they have experience in getting transactions to the finish line through relationships with lenders, attorneys, and title officers, while building both in-house and third-party and property and asset management teams.

Together, let's grow your real estate portfolio. Our background managing business startups and residential properties ensures high communication and an efficient business plan execution.



115 Units | Class A | New Development | 506(c) Syndication & Joint Venture OPEN | Purchased 15 Dec 2020

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Directly west of the central business district of downtown Salt Lake with attractive TSA "right to build" zoning, these 3 parcels totaling 0.42 acre will be redeveloped from the existing 2 warehouses and 1 small empty lot into a market-rate mid rise modern apartment building. The property is purchased, city development review team is complete, demolition permits in progress, and final design has begun with Design West Architects. Major equity share from a joint venture partner to close the construction loan is currently open, as well as a limited partner tranche.


15 Units | Class C | Moderate Renovation | Joint Venture and Private Lenders OPEN | Purchased 21 June 2020

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Surrounded by well-cared for single family homes, this building needs heavy interior updating to achieve maximized rents in line with nearby property quality. With a lot of room to force value and having renovated more than half the units, this building is achieving rapid returns.


16 Units | Class C | Moderate Renovation | Joint Venture and Private Lenders OPEN | Purchased 21 June 2020

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Tucked away in a heavily-treed pocket of south Little Rock just ten minutes from The University of Arkansas and the Clinton International Airport, these bungalows provide workforce housing with almost no vacancy. The exterior and major systems were in good shape, needing only a new roof on two of the buildings, we have renovated half the units and quickly forcing appreciation.


50 Units | Class C/C- | Heavy Renovation | 506(c) Syndication FUNDED | Purchased 6 Feb 2020

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Located 1.6 miles from Idaho State University, this neglected property is thriving under professional management as it finally undergoes the renovations it needs to bring it up to the level of the surrounding neighborhood. A heavy lift on the renovation is a big job, but just in our backyard near where we grew up makes it the perfect hands on project.